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Top5: Best Bicycle Seat for Hemorrhoid Sufferers

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Best bicycle seat for hemorrhoid sufferers for best padded bicycle seat cover

Best Seat Cushion for Hemorrhoids

Before we detail our view on the best bike seat for hemorrhoids we need to answer we are often asked: “can riding a bike cause hemorrhoids?” and the answer is no ! Hemorrhoids are a medical condition that causes discomfort and in some cases extreme pain.

They are swollen veins in or around your anus and lower rectum, also called piles, similar to varicose veins. Cycling with haemorrhoids can provoke irritation thus aggravate the pain. But it is important to make an informed decision when it comes to buy your best bike seat for hemorrhoids.

You should seek medical advice and use cream if needed. We strongly recommend to use cushion for hemorhoids at home as much as you can. Below is a selection of the best seat cushion for hemorrhoids to seat on everyday before we cover the topic “cycling and hemorrhoids” and you can of course use the Preparation H wipes or cream on the painful areas.

Why cycling with hemorrhoids can be painful

Well the root cause of the pain mostly comes from the frictions of the buttocks we experience during cycling. It is inevitable that through long distance cycling in the same position on uncomfortable seats a pressure is applied on our rear bottom. Plus you have to consider the movement of the legs on pedals.

Although many cyclist suffer from hemorrhoid condition, it is seldom addressed in public because ass related open-discussions are scarce. Talking about them is often felt shameful, although there is nothing to be ashamed of. For this reason, there are no real medical hemorrhoid sufferer bike saddle as such if you search by yourself.

Indeed, the bicycle seat manufacturer do not research the best design to create hemoroid bicycle seat probably because it would not be sexy enough from a marketing perspective, but they are completely wrong considering the huge number of cyclists concerned by them.

How to enjoy cycling with hemorrhoids

We can, in general, advise you to add extra padded layers to improve your comfort on the bicycle between the saddle and your butt. Starting with the choice of using, each and every time you go for a ride, a padded cyclist short.

This will be a contributory factor to avoid a further aggravating an existing haemorrhoid condition.

Bicycle Padded Saddle Cover

  • find a comfortable bicycle seat for hemorrhoid sufferer
  • select a design that reduce the friction or compression of the buttock
  • favor a saddle with noseless design and perineum cavity

If you already have a bicycle saddle and you are feeling pain, you can upgrade your saddle setup by selecting a comfortable seat cushion for hemorrhoids.

This will provide you with an extra layer of softness and reduce pain on top of your best bike seat for hemorrhoid. Here is our suggested best bicycle seat cushion for hemorrhoid pain.

You can click on the image and browse for different sizes and colors as well as researching other types of bicycle seat cushion gel models even if you do not have the best bike seat for hemorrhoid.

Comfortable Bicycle Saddle for Hemorrhoid

Can bike seats cause hemorrhoids? No bike seats DO NOT cause piles but they can either make them worse or alleviate the pressure on them.

You can can also change your existing bike saddle, if it’s not comfortable enough, and purchase a padded bike seat.

There are some really nice models with a extra large seating surface which will bring you more comfort.

If you are a bit overweight, this approach could be the right decision to reduce the impact of repetitive motions that can irritate the perianal skin and hemorrhoidal tissue.

If you have a trainer at home such as the Peloton Home trainer, you also might want to install an extra large comfortable saddle that will make your daily exercise more comfy. The good new is: Peloton post seat fixture is following the universal saddle grip, so you can install any kind of bicycle saddle you like.

Once you have installed your peloton seat for hemorrhoids, you can make all required adjustments in height and distance from the handlebar to the seat to find your optimal cycling position. For our readers who suffer from prostatatis condition, we suggest you to read our analysis on the best bike saddle after prostate surgery.

Best Bike Seat for Hemorrhoid Sufferers

Nevertheless, if you choose a large comfortable road bike saddle, it might not be the optimal or compatible for cyclist with competitive road bikes. Below are example of bike seat for piles that would not be a good fit on a competitive road bike.

Top5 best bike seat for hemorrhoids
best bike seat for hemorrhoids on Discount

One of the best bicycle seat for hemorrhoid sufferers is the SMP Well Saddle available mostly in black or white color.

The padding features soft polyurethane with strong mechanical resistance. It is designed to endure the harshest resistance and stability tests over time.

The rail has great resistance to absorb stress and vibration. The shape is interesting but lacks freedom on the rear part of the buttock.

We therefore suggest to favor saddles with a noseless design and very short rear sitting impact. The aim is to leave your bottom free from any saddle’s pressure. There is one model available on the market that has a striking shape that might surprise of scare at first.

Noseless Saddle against Hemorrhoid Pain

This weird looking bike seat is for us the best bike seat for hemorrhoids. It of course won’t heal your piles but it will reduce significantly irritation from your prolapsed hemorrhoid that bulges outward from the anus. With this saddle you will benefit from the following features:

  • small in size & light weight (perfect for road bikes)
  • designed to reduce buttocks’ friction
  • reduce perineum contact
  • support from the ischium bones of your pelvis

This saddle has a one of a kind shape that scare a lot of traditional cyclist, and sometimes provoke laughter.

Only once you have tried it and passed the first week of adaptation, will you enjoy its benefits and you won’t be able to go back to your classic shape bicycle saddle.

Click below to request more information and get a coupon code via email.

best bicycle seat for hemorrhoid sufferers
Does cycling cause hemorrhoids ?

Honest Video on Sports and Hemorrhoids from Biking

Can cycling cause hemorrhoids?

best bicycle seat for hemorrhoid sufferers

No. Cycling is not the cause of hemorrhoids, but it can favor the emergence of discomfort or pain after some rides. Discover in our article how to reduce the risks and the pain incurred by hemorrhoids while riding a bike by choosing the best bike seat for hemorrhoid and the relevant accessories.