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Best bicycle saddle for prostate

Best bicycle saddle after prostate surgery

Whether you already have been operated from a prostate condition or you suffer from pressure pain on your perineum area impacting your prostate, you will discover in this article the importance of choosing properly the Best bicycle saddle for prostate.

What bike saddles prostate design to choose

You have in any case to select a bicycle seat with a central hollow part. The purpose is to eliminate all pressure on the perineal area. The perineum is the zone protecting the pelvic floor muscles as well as the blood vessels & nerves used to urinate or have an erection.

The prostate is locate right above it and any contact pressure applied on the pelvic floor is transferred to the prostate. On your traditional bicycle seat, you therefore have a permanent force transfer that may cause discomfort or pain.

Best split bicycle seat prostate

Here is a selection of road bike saddle for prostate, called split bicycle seat prostate, which design is meant to protect your prostate and prevent chock transfer in case of bumpy roads.

Best bike saddles for prostate: noseless saddles

You should be looking for saddles with design that offer the largest central hollow part. The optimal models are saddles without a beak. As such they leave the perineal zone completely free from irritation or frictions. Depending on the type of bicycle you are riding you may opt for one or another of the following:

The Hobson Pro Hub X2 Saddle is a quite strange looking noseless bike saddle design

  • This product is of Designed for long distance comfort
  • This Product is a finely crafted, expertly designed long distance saddle for on- and off-road cycling

The ISM Touring Saddle is pretty ugly but it provides a wide base for stability and comfort with nose-less design removes pressure from soft tissues.

It will ensure a maximum blood flow, no genital numbness, and a healthier, more enjoyable ride – 60-series foam padding

“La creme de la creme” aggressive looking noseless bicycle saddle will provide you with the best seating options using ischial bones (seat bones) and leaving the central perineal zone completely free.

No more loss of sensitivity in the penis due to the lack of blood flow and neither prostate pressure nor pain. It is considered as the best bicycle saddle for prostate problems

best noseless bike saddle post prostate surgery

best bicycle saddle for prostate problems

Other bicycle saddle for prostate designs

If you are not riding a competitive road bicycle and the above mentioned saddles do not fit your needs, you can consider this alternative more Comfortable MTB BMX Mountain Road Bike Seats also compatible with Peloton Spin Exercise for Men Women.

For our readers who suffer from heamorrhoid condition, we suggest you to visit our section on the best bike seat for hemorrhoids.

Triathlon prostate cycling saddle

If you are a fit person who can do an Ironman race or planning to become one, the key to achieving your goals is, aside from being in a top shape, to avoid pain on your triathlon bike saddle during your 90 or 180km.

If you finish your bike segment race with pain from your triathlon bike saddle, your running capacities will be negatively impacted and you won’t be able to perform as expected.

Prostate cancer prevention for cyclists

If you reach your 50s and you are a cyclist (or not!), you should visit your doctor and get checked on a regular basis as a prevention measure. Prostate cancer can be properly addressed and treated if detected in the early stage.

Below is an interesting video that should raise awareness towards all male cyclists and more specifically for cyclists in their 50s riding from 9 hours and more per week. They have a 5 times higher risk of developing a prostate cancer than the average